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        MUSCLE SmartCard Development ( http://www.musclecard.com )
            Title  : xcardPutKey.h
            Author : David Corcoran
            Date   : 10/05/01
          License: Copyright (C) 2001 David Corcoran
            Purpose: This provides functionality for the xcard
                   personalization tool for the musclecard.

#ifndef xcardPutKey_included
#define xcardPutKey_included

#include "xcardPutKeyData.h"

#include <PCSC/musclecard.h>
#include <musclecard.h>

class xcardMain;

class xcardPutKey : public xcardPutKeyData


            MSCLPTokenConnection pConn,
            xcardMain *mainWin,
            QWidget *parent = NULL,
            const char *name = NULL );

    virtual ~xcardPutKey();

    int XCInitializeKeyDialog(bool, bool, MSCLong32);

    MSCLPTokenConnection pConnect;
    xcardMain *mainWindow;
    QString importFile;
    MSCGenKeyParams pKeyParams;
    MSCLong32  choiceKeyNumber;
    MSCULong32 pubKeyNum;
    MSCULong32 prvKeyNum;
    int prvKeyIndex;
    bool isGenerate;
    bool isReGenerate;
    bool isFileOK;
    bool onFirstScreen;

    protected slots:

    virtual void XCKeyTypeChanged(const QString&);
    virtual void XCOKPutKeyClicked();
    virtual void XCCancelPutKeyClicked();
    virtual void XCKeySizeSelected(int);
#endif // xcardPutKey_included

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